Hverdag, Selvutvikling
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Ready to go!

Maby I’m just too excited, but who wouldnt be?? Our company is ready to launch our new website any moment now. Every step of the way, its been me whos done the work; I didnt get someone to do it for me: I did it myself! Im so proud! Just wait and see!

Here is a prewiew: our logo. Pretty good right?! (the name of the company is «Center for helth» or something in english:)


Last night I went to Skien (man was that a long cartrip; I even took a wrong turn, and then I had to go back for 20 min. ….) and held a «smokefree» class there. It was a small class for a government org., but we had fun! It doesnt matter how many we are, they are still going to make it! They went home with good answers for their withdraws. I hope they use them well!

We are going to start up more classes this fall; I have 4 coaches working with me, and together we will help hundreds of people! That is my vision – help lots, and lots of people:) This is going to be a good year! ‘Til next time; see ya!

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I wish to spread wrapping happiness and love - and maybe i'll recruite someone new? This blog is about that and so much more!

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