Hverdag, Selvutvikling
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A new way to blog!

For me:) This blog will now be in both norwegian and english. Just because i have readers in both languages, and i want my points to get out there. As you can see, im not really the best in english wrighting, but i hope people understand!

For my norwegian friends: this blog will still be in norwegian as well. You’ll find the important stuff about my family and what we are up to in your own language; so dont worry; you’ll understand:)

This blog is about selfdevelopment, my job as a coach and trainer, and so much more! If you have anything to add – please send me an email at irene.aasland@helhetsvelvare.no or comment here at the blog! I’ll give you good pointers on life in general, and give you some lifelong experiences from the hart!

I hope you’ll follow, and enjoy!



Life is good!!!

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I wish to spread wrapping happiness and love - and maybe i'll recruite someone new? This blog is about that and so much more!

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